Double Helix

I love the silvered Double Helix glass it’s awesome!!!

Double Helix glass is awesome!   Zephyr for the little bottle, leaves, flowers and beads from Arke, Psyche and Elektra.

Double Helix glass is awesome! Zephyr for the little bottle, leaves, flowers and beads from Arke, Psyche and Elektra.

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This set is focused around a hollow, baby blue bead strung on a fine stainless steal chain with silver colored separators and graduated blue beads.

Blue beads on stainless with my best hollow bead yet!

The hollow bead and separators were inspired by Cecilia Labora who graciously spent some time visiting with me at the Paseo Arts Festival in Oklahoma City over Memorial Day weekend.   My husband bought me a gorgeous set for our anniversary that she had made, turquoise beads on sterling with matching earrings.

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Nightlight for Shayla

Shayla’s nightlight.

Shayla’s nightlight









She did all the foiling and did a good job too.   It’s a very pale pink with iridescence on one face with slightly textured green for the leaves.  A good summer visit to Oklahoma!

She picked out and arranged the beads for this necklace too.   We had a very good day!

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Glass Rod Storage

Well, I found some more glass rod over the weekend, it was very cool to be able to pick colors.   It’s still weird to pick online, things are never the exact color you think they will be.  So I had to buy more pvc and cut it, then had to add edging to my old chair base.   Easy to move around and I can keep it out of the way when I’m not using it.

Glass Rod Storage – old chair base with a plywood top, edged with aluminum flashing and filled with cut PVC pipe of varying lengths that give easy access to my glass while working.

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display in sounds incredible

Welcome to!

I hope you’ll enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoy creating it!

I first learned Stained Glass work nearly 35 years ago! In 2014 I took it up again and discovered the joy of Fusing Glass, Flameworking Glass and making Stained Glass Lamps! Building a lampshade is a lot of work but it’s incredibly cool to be able to do!

I’m getting some jewelry pictures back on the pages, click on a picture to see the item and prices.   If you like a piece of Jewelry, just message me on Facebook and if it’s still available I will invoice you via Paypal.

OR you can see & buy some of my jewelry if you come by Sounds Incredible at 2012 North Union, Ponca City, Oklahoma.

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