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Scrap panel a little over 12"X12"

Scrap panel a little over 12″X12″

blue bird panel

This is one of my first pieces, done more than 30 years ago! I always like the idea of tromp l’oeil, not sure I spelled that right but it’s in general, a picture of a view out of a window! So!

Seascape window panelThirty one years in this house and I just now put stained glass in the little “eyebrow” window! It was actually a pretty big project for me, just getting my glass tools out again. I call it “SeaScape”…

salvaged church panelThis panel was salvaged from Dewey, OK United Methodist Church.
I found it in some boxes of glass that was given to me by Mrs. Carol Shriver. A lot of the pieces of glass were broken, but there was no way to match the existing glass. I used epoxy to glue the broken pieces, wrapped them in foil and soldered the entire thing together. I’m pleased with the results and will enjoy the panel for many years.

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