Fused Glass

The pieces above are made with three layers of 90 C.O.E. glass, deep purple back, several types of textured dichroic glass with a clear cap.  These couldn’t have turned out better!   They’re the tops for jewelry boxes that I made for my nieces!  Shay has the placque but it’s not in her jewelry box yet!

Most of the “flat” pieces on the Jewelry page, are fused glass, the beads are lampwork, all of it breakable, of course!   If it meets concrete, the concrete will win!   The pieces below were all fused in the stack of kilns you’ll see in the gallery pix below.   It’s all annealed/hardened as the kiln cools, or in a bead annealer, so it’s pretty durable, but hit it too hard and it will break.   Just so you know!

fused many times tried to slump but shattered every time



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