40 Bead Challenge beads!

Heather Trimlett’s 40 Bead Challenge

40 Bead Challenge beads!
40 Bead Challenge

These 40 beads are my attempt at Heather Trimlett’s 40 Bead Challenge. I think I will re-do the challenge every now and then. It’s a tremendous skill builder, I have so many tools for my work but for challenge beads you can only use 4 tools, torch, mandrel, glass rods and gravity! Even the dots, different on each bead, must be added to each bead with a full size glass rod, no skinny stringers.

They turned out amazingly well, except that I didn’t notice at first that the beads should all be the same size. I started big and they got smaller until I finished. I strung them on silk but it’s too heavy for me to wear.