Salvaged church Glass Panel

Earl’s Panel – More Church Glass

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This panel was salvaged from Dewey, OK United Methodist Church.

I found it in some boxes of glass that was given to me by Mrs. Carol Shriver. A lot of the panel pieces of glass were broken, but there was no way to match the existing glass. I used epoxy to glue the broken pieces, wrapped them in foil and soldered the entire thing together. I’m pleased with the results and will enjoy the panel for many years.

There was a lot of glass in the boxes that Carol gave me, a lamp base and some bronze lamp caps too.   One of the most entertaining things for me were a few large solder spills, fairly big blocks of solid solder.    I took them, an old pan, and a few pieces of wooden trim outside to the grill burner, melted it all down and poured into the trim pieces to form rods.   I’m still using the salvaged solder!