Fused Knick-knacks

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I love being able to fuse glass, I have three microwave kilns that I use.   It’s much quicker than standard electric or gas kilns.

I especially like dichroic glass in my fused projects, “all that glitters is not gold”, but it still glitters!   I’ve had some extraordinary good luck with fusing, and some isn’t fit for the trash can!

Below, you’ll see some of the better pieces and some pics of jewelry as well.    I found that with my Taurus Ring Saw I can fused larger flats then cut them to the shapes I want.    It works out really well that way, when I have the shapes cut, I use a jewelers grinder bit for a smooth edge, drill holes for a bail and then it’s back into the kiln.    Re-firing pieces is a lot trickier than a first fire, I have to take my time and build the heat slowly.