My Studio Space

We recently sold the building on Union and I moved my studio home and took over one of the guest bedrooms.    I used to have studio space in the back of Sounds Incredible at 2012 North Union, Ponca City, Oklahoma, it was awesome!    I stopped doing stained glass for years, no place to work inside, a kid in the house and it was just too hard to have to put everything away when I was done for the day.

Now I have dedicated work space and have added a fusing and flamework to my skills.    Glasswork is tremendous fun and I can indulge in my “tool junkie” addiction.    Drills, dremels, Taurus ring saw, grinders, soldering irons, microwaves, Glasshive kiln, torch, oxygen concentrator and a  Natural Gas Line!   I spend hours working in this space and I’m very grateful to be able to do that!

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